IMAG0282-0022004 Honda RC51 RVT1000

This is one of those bikes that I had to have as soon as I saw it. It is a one-year only Race Replica of the bike that Nicky Hayden used to win the AMA Superbike Series in 2002.

I originally bought it new from a Honda dealer in Virginia, and I brought it with me when I made the move to Los Angeles. It was my main transportation around LA for a few months before I settled in and bought a truck. I keep it bone stock except for the Jardine carbon slip -ons and the latest tires.



pics 3361995 Honda NSR250SP

I always had a place in my heart for 2-stroke race replicas, and when I saw this bike I just HAD to ride it! It was just the perfect blend of performance, looks, and history. I researched the NSR’s for a while and this SP model is the highest spec of three different models offered of this bike. The main differences are magnesium wheels, dry clutch, and fully adjustable suspension.

I located this particular bike on eBay in California while I was living in Maryland around 2001. I had it shipped to my shop, and when the crate showed up it was like Christmas! I was able to get it registered and plated for the street. It was fun to ride because it was super lightweight and had a cool 2-stroke powerband. I put a set of Tyga race pipes on it, rejetted it, and changed the ignition to the “dry race” mapping. It was fun for short trips, but anything over 45min and my ass would go numb. When I pulled up at red lights and pulled the clutch in it would make the dry clutch chatter, and the addition of smoke pouring out the pipes probably led people to believe it was getting ready to blow a motor!

Unfortunately I had to thin out my stable of bikes when I moved to SoCal, and this one had to go.

pics 307













































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