GPR Stabilizers

I’ve used GPR stabilizers on all my bikes and quads since the early 2000’s. I’ll probably put one on my trikes if I ever decide to ride them again! They always mount up real easy and when you send them in for service it’s only $25.

Here is a good video showing why a stabilizer is needed for desert racing:


This is the V1 stabilizer on my CRF450R that I got used a few years ago. It has been working great, and I sent it in for a rebuild just because it had been a while. GPR turned it around in a day!



This GPR stabilizer is mounted on my CR125. I am 6’1″, so the extra height of the under-handlebar style is comfortable for me.



This is the GPR stabilizer on one of my TRX450R’s. The quick-disconnect linkage is nice when you are swapping stabilizers in a race situation, and even when you are just doing routine work on your quad.

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