2013 AMA West National Hare Scrambles Series 200A Champion



2011-2012 AMA National Hare and Hound ATV Champion

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2009 SCORE Baja Overall ATV Champion w/Team Christy Racing

2009 SCORE Baja Class 24 450cc Pro ATV Champion w/Team Christy Racing

2013 SCORE Baja Class 24 450cc Pro ATV Champion w/ Tom Wright

2009 Best in the Desert Series Quad Expert Champion w/Team Christy Racing


2007 OMA Nationals Pro ATV Champion

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One thought on “AWARDS”

  1. For anyone who has not experienced the pleasure of riding with Andy, you are truly missing an amazing opportunity. I was first introduced to Andy while racing district 7 in Maryland. As a 12 year old child Andy saw potential therefore he took me under his wing and mentored me. With the help of Dirt First Racing, I was able to amass numerous wins and championships. Moreover, Andy had a keen ability to progress my riding style and speed. In addition, he aided in my conditioning, and understanding of what it meant to let my riding speak for itself. With that said, it is no surprise the amount of success he has attained in the professional world of motor sports. Andy is very dependable and humble, he always does as he states, and in my experience the machines he builds are top notch. Whether you are riding for fun or for notoriety, Dirt First has the ability to tune your machine, and provide you with the services to make riding enjoyable. As well as, providing the relief of knowing you equipment has been serviced by the best. God speed to Andy Lagzdins and his future racing endeavors, as I am sure more championships are in the near future.

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