OMA Nationals

The OMA Nationals is a cross country racing series put on by Bill Gusse. The races are held in the central US, from South Dakota to Kentucky. The format is 2 hours of steady racing through mostly natural terrain, everything from tight woods single track to open corn fields. In some areas of the course there is no existing trail, so the first racers through are relying on paper arrows stapled to trees to direct them the right way.


The signature event for the series is called The Moose Run, which takes place in Illinois and has been going on since 1976. This event was once called the “The Race”. Bill Gusse always makes the laps longer and the obstacles harder for this race.

20071020_race_0947The Moose Run, Morrison Illinois 2007


Millville, Minnesota OMA National

This round of the OMA Nationals took place at the Millville Pro National motocross facility.

20070825_sc_0687Millville OMA National, 2007














































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