1982 SE Racing Floval Flyer


When the 24″ cruisers started coming on the scene to replace the 26″ race bikes, I was working at Golden Ring Bicycle Shop in Rosedale, Maryland. My boss Don Leiter got the frameset for me and I built this bike up and raced it in the cruiser classes as well as racing my PK Ripper the 20″ classes. In 1985 I just raced the Cruiser class, and won a Maryland District 1 Championship on this bike. At that point I switched my focus to racing Honda ATC’s, and that was it for my BMX racing. I freshened up this bike, and it has been sitting around since. Here is a brief overview of this piece of BMX history.

1-IMG_3638The frame has a 5″ headtube, and is very tall by today’s standards.

1-IMG_3619I cracked the frame and had to have this gusset welded on. It was done by a welder at Martin Marrietta in Essex, MD.

1-IMG_3600Scot Breithaupt autograph.

1-IMG_3643180mm Redline Flight Cranks with a 41T sprocket and MKS BM10 Foot Jaws pedals.

1-IMG_3601Son-Lite Hubs- I think these were one of the first all-billet BMX hubs. I remember seeing them on Harry Leary’s bike on the cover of BMX Action Magazine, and I had to have them!

1-IMG_3607Son-Lite rear hub with Suntour 16T freewheel.

1-IMG_3642DiaCompe MX1000 rear brake caliper.

1-IMG_3648Dia Compe brake lever, TerryCable, Ame Tri grips.

1-IMG_3609Hutch Cruiser XL bars, Redline Stem, Zeronine number plate.

1-IMG_3645Araya 7X rims and Tioga Comp III tires.



































































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