Duncan Racing

I began running one of Duncan’s Paul Turner pipes on my TRX250R back in the 90’s, and I have been using all their motor components ever since. I have built 250R’s, YFZ’s, Banshees, LTZ’s, 400EX’s, and of course 450R’s and 700XX’s with Duncan cams, pistons, cylinders, you name it. I have seen the work Loren and Lenny Duncan put into making products the best, and they do the real-world testing on parts before they start selling them.

The reliability of Duncan motor components is one of the main reasons I have had success in endurance racing. Anyone can make a fast motor, but the hard part is making a fast motor that lasts. Not many people know that Duncan Racing helped American riders win numerous 12 hour International races, and Lenny has been instrumental in helping team his team finish the Dakar Rally. Duncan Racing started their ATV-oriented business by hopping up ATC90 motors back in the 70’s, they have been around through all those years and the experience shows!

Check out Duncan’s new website at http://www.duncanracing.com.

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